Working closely with my brother, Jaeil, we are able to provide a fast and efficient translation service, both from English to Korean and Korean to English.

• Technical translation
• Information Technology (including Telecommunications and websites)
• Engineering
• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Legal and contract documentation

Whatever the subject, you can be assured of an accurate and elegant result.

Outline descriptions of projects undertaken since 2005 are listed below:

Field Title Customer Pages Language
Business Documents A Summary Appraisal Report Micronesian Appraisal Associates 83 English to Korean
Greenhouse Gas Emission Report Sk Energy 105 Korean to English
Management Procedure Samkwang Inc. 305 Korean to English
Private Real Estate Investment Trusts, Terms Of Trust T.Y. Securities Inc. 24 Korean to English
Articles Of Incorporation Digital Aria Inc. 20 Korean to English
Business Presentations mSilicon: Investment Relations Msilicon 51 Korean to English
Nanosolution: Investor Relations Nanosolution Inc. 45 Korean to English
Business Presentation For Gwangju Refrigeration Warehouse Seojin L&C Inc. 25 Korean to English
Business Contracts Red Tomato Family Shop Franchise Contract Pt. Food Star 14 Korean to English
Automatic Transmission Fluid Charter Contract Isu Oil Inc. 18 Korean to English
Lease Contract And Relevant Official Certificates Pt. Sanggraha Bias Putih 37 English to Korean
Apartment Lease Contract Bu Yeong Inc. 15 Korean to English
Memorandum Of Understanding /Interim Advisory Service: Marriott Hotel International B.V. P.T. Bali Bias Putih Inc. 24 English to Korean
Professional Service Agreement Blizzard Entertainment Inc. 12 English to Korean
Web sites B.S. Economic Promotion Agency City Of B.S. 7 Korean to English
Hyundai Heavy Industries, Construction Division Hyundai Heavy Industries 97 Korean to English
Seoul Foreign Language High School Seoul Foreign Language High School 18 Korean to English
Website Terms Of Use For IC Market.Biz Son & Son Inc. 15 Korean to English
Daejeon Christian Social Welfare Center Daejeon Christian Social Welfare Center 25 Korean to English
Lease Contract: Marina Bay Sand Shoppe The Bay F&B And Trading 93 English to Korean
Product Descriptions ORIS Swiss watches ORIS SA, Holstein, CH 100s English to Korean
Arecont Vision, Interface And Usage Description Arecont Vision 32 English to Korean
Chamsori Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier A College Lab. 10 Korean to English
Xtraice: Artificial Ice User's Manual & Product Warranty Xtraice 20 English to Korean
Product Technical Specifications   ORIS Swiss watches ORIS SA, Holstein, CH 100s English to Korean
Arm Measuring Machine: Operation & Maintenance Manual Dawin Solution Inc. 157 Korean to English
Safety Management Plans Dongyang Menics Inc. 15 Korean to English
Continuous Carburizing Furnace: Equipment Operator's Manual Dongwoo Heat Treatment Inc. 32 Korean to English
Certificate Of Engineering Service Performance Record Sunjin Engineering & Architecture Inc. 125 Korean to English
International Finance Center: Construction Specification Ifc Hotel Development Yh 2,150 English to Korean
Aerospace Engineering Lab. Manual Kaist 93 Korean to English
Jurong Rock Cavern Ph-1 Project: Hyundai Engineering 227 English to Korean
The Study On Public-Private Partnership Scheme For Trans Java Toll Road In Indonesia: Final Report Japan International Cooperation Agency 406 English to Korean
Product Advertising ORIS Swiss watches PR ORIS SA, Holstein, CH 100s English to Korean
Dsm Dyneema: Providing Armor Solutions Dyneema 18 English to Korean
Singer Valve Singer Valve Inc. 12 English to Korean
Led Streetlight & Security Lighting System Astronix Light Display Solution 33 Korean to English
Medical Green Cross Healthcare Center: Introduction Of Cutting-Edge Medical Devices And Technologies Green Cross Healthcare Center 165 Korean to English
Oriental Medical Diagnosis For Female Disorder An Oriental Medicine Clinic 23 Korean to English
Art Cubism & Abstract Art Exhibition: The Museum Of Modern Art An Art College 25 English to Korean
Image Of Stereotype And Prejudice And Other Some 20 Art Critiques Group Of Critics 35 Korean to English
Religious Articles Appenzeller: Sermons, Addresses & Essays American Methodist  Missionary Society 326 English to Korean
Korean Protestant Churches & Discourse Of Martyrdom A Seminary In The US 15 Korean to English
Official Documents Certificate Of Incorporation Many And Unspecified 100s Korean to English
Income Tax Withholding Many And Unspecified 100s Korean to English
Business Registration Certificate Many And Unspecified 100s Korean to English
Certificate Of Tax Payment Many And Unspecified 100s Korean to English
Resident Registration Many And Unspecified 100s Korean to English